How to disable Javascript from a website using Chrome

Often I come across a lot of websites, who obstruct the content by putting an intrusive popup which keeps asking us to subscribe or sign up. Sometimes, It doesn't even allow you to read even a single line and forces you to use its call to action such as registration in the website, providing them your email for their newsletter or marketing communications, sharing the article on multiple social media channels. The list is endless...

I understand that creating content needs both time and effort from the content creator who should be compensated in return. However it truly doesn't make sense for any quick reader who need some quick info to go all the way to signup to the service, some of which are also paid subscription. Many a times, after signup, we realize the content didn't had the information we were looking for unnecessarily exposing our personal email addresses to potential spammers.

To overcome this, I came up with a quick solution:

Whenever you visit a website which blocks the content with a popup and doesn't allow to go back to content, do this:

  1. Hope you are using Google Chrome browser.
  2. Right click and click on Inspect (Alternatively you may use Ctrl + Shift + I). This will open the Developer console.
  3. Now Enter (Ctrl + Shift + P). This shall show you the command text box.
  4. Now type "Disable JavaScript" in the command box and hit enter.

Now you may refresh and reload the website page again. 

Now the obtrusive JavaScript based popup will not appear again. Happy reading!

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