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Unable to install MySQL server on Windows 10 - FIXED

Recently I was facing a weird error while trying to install MySQL Community server on a Windows 10 system.Every time I start the MySQL Community installer and select MySQL server and try to install, It used to successfully download the setup file from internet but at the end it used to fail.Usually progress percent used to go from 0 to 100% then again used to restart from 0% and used to go till 50% and then it used to show the error message as installation failed.I googled out a lot and found many places which suggested to install both Microsoft Visual c++ redistributable for both x86 and x64. My system was a 64 bit system, I installed both the visuall c++ distribution but none of them worked even after rebooting system after every install.What finally worked was this:1. I wantedly started MySQL installer web and tried installing MySQL server  (version 8.0, earlier had tried 5.7 also).2. Wantedly waited for the installation to fail.4. Went to the folder C:\ProgramData\MySQL Installer …